Alexa eve

"'Timelessness'. A term ubiquitous in fashion, representing the iconic silhouettes of historically popular designs." But what makes us timeless?

Alexa Eve was conceived in February of 2020, in the midst of a time of uncertainty. During this period, our founder found joy in fashion and photography from the 80's and 90's. Following the evolution of fashion since then it was clear to see that certain styles have and always will be around. To see how the world around us as well as fashion trends can change so quickly, it is calming to see that simple, clean designs can consistently hold desire, standing the test of time. Something we wanted to represent with Alexa Eve.

Two years later, during Summer of 2022, Alexa Eve was born. Being true to what we love, our brand aimed to create classic, timeless and essential pieces that fit everyone well.

We love that with neutral colours and simplistic designs the person inside the clothes can express themselves, wearing each item in an individual way telling a completely different story.